Comfrey and Lavender Infusion Body Oil 10 fl. oz

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Therapeutic oil for hair and body with light herbal fragrance

Infused with Comfrey and Lavender

Vitamin E rich Grape seed oil is used to extract the properties of comfrey and lavender 

Here are some benefits and uses for comfrey:

  1. High allantoin content encourages new skin cell growth. Helps maintain healthy skin and reduces dermal inflammation
  2. Highly recommended for topical treatment of bug bites, including spider bites
  3. Works to prevent scars and heal existing ones
  4. Often used to help bruises heal faster
  5. Promotes healing in injured muscles and ligaments
  6. Can be applied to applied to fractured bones, especially in areas that can't be casted (like ribs)
  7. Great for rashes, superficial wounds and scratches
  8. Helps relieve minor muscle aches and strains, and is a great overall remedy for muscle soreness
  9. Has even been reported to help relieve the aches and pains of arthritis sufferers